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Let's try some self-education

In my seemingly never-ending quest to get my foot in the door of a cyber security career, I've turned to self-education (since the degree hasn't done jack squat) to help build a base of knowledge and practical experience. Hopefully, I'll be able to parlay this into something I can sell to employers to show that I'm worth taking a flyer on. Since the degree program focused primarily on security policy and management, and almost no hands-on skills, I figured my best bet would be to gain knowledge in something more practical, such as penetration testing.

Since my golden goal is Offensive Security's OSCP certification, I did quick search on pentesting courses, finding most of them WAY out of my poor-man's budget (seriously, how does one afford a $5000 course?), and have settled on Udemy to feed me knowledge. I located a couple of apparently well-reviewed courses here:

I've jumped back and forth between the first few lessons in each course to get an initial feel before settling on the former for now. Stay tuned for updates.

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